Two Pre-Owned 53’ Dual-Expandable Mobile Medical Trailers for Immediate Sale or Lease

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South Shore Hospital (Bayshore New York) –  Mobile Endoscopy Suite

Private Hospital Units Just Off Lease

South Shore Hospital is a non-profit private hospital located in Bay Shore New York on Long Island. This hospital provides full hospital services to their patients. Due to the growing population on Long Island, this hospital is in need to expand their emergency room space and to renovate other critical areas (including their endoscopy suite) of their hospital.

As a perfect solution to this problem, they developed a plan to lease 2 ea. Customized Mobile Healthcare Facilities. One of these customized facilities is a Mobile Endoscopy Procedure Facility and the other one is a Mobile Endoscopy PreOp/Recovery Facility.

Due to New York licensing regulations, these two mobile facilities were designed to meet all of the requirements of a permanent brick and mortar endoscopy suite. Even with all of the high level of requirements and regulations of the state of New York, this Endoscopy Suite has been licensed and approved for occupation and operation by the local Fire Marshall, the Department of Health for the state of New York, and the City of Islip New York.

Using this temporary (up to 2 years) endoscopy suite, they are able to move their endoscopy operations into this facility. This allowed them to renovate their endoscopy suite space providing additional space for their pain management group. With the move of their Pain Management, it frees up space for additional Emergency Room (ER) space.

The 53′ Mobile Endoscopy Suite includes the 53′ Endoscopy Facility and 53′ Prep/Recovery Facility which was in service for the past 2 years at South Shore Hospital. They can be reconditioned into any mobile medical facility, such as: Emergency Room; Laboratory; Surgical; Intensive Care; Pharmacy; Dialysis and much more!!  Over 1,000 Sq. Ft. per Medical trailer! Save hundreds of thousands of dollars on these reconditioned units with a short lead time for reconditioning. Supplied with new warranties.  Buy outright or lease one or both mobile medical units. SAVE $$$$$!

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This Endoscopy Suite consists of:

The Mobile Endoscopy Procedure Facility has over 1000 sqft of medical space.  This space consists of: a) Entrance Area,; b) 2 ea. (200 sqft) Endoscopy Procedure Rooms; c) EVS Room (Janitor’s Closet); d) ADA Lavatory; e) Scope Washing Room; f) Clean Utility Room; and g) Soiled Utility Room.

*This unit can be reconditioned into any mobile medical facility.


The Mobile PreOp/Recovery Facility also has over 1000 sqft of medical space.  The medical space includes: a) Entrance Area,; b) 6 ea. (80 sqft) Recovery Cubicles; c) Nurses Station; and d) ADA Lavatory.

*This unit can be reconditioned into any mobile medical facility.


These two facilities are attached to a portable building in order to provide a conditioned corridor for the transportation of patients between the Hospital, the Procedure Facility and the PreOp/Recovery Facility.  The overall medical and access space is over 3000 sqft of space for an effective and efficient Mobile Endoscopy Suite.

The Waiting Room space is provided by the main waiting room directly inside the main hospital entrance and directly adjacent and attached to this endoscopy suite.

*These units can be reconditioned into any mobile medical facilities.


Attached to Hospital

Corridor and Mobile Endoscopy Suite

Mobile Endoscopy Suite Installed – Exterior

Mobile Endoscopy Procedure Facility Installed – Interior

Mobile PreOp/Recovery Facility Installed – Interior