Project Description

Six (6) Semi-Private Intensive Care Rooms to provide critical care for Mass Casualty Incident Victims!


Mobile Intensive Care Unit (30′)(9M)

 Patient Inside Mobile Intensive CareThis mobile intensive care facility is part of our mass casualty, disaster response, or military medical system.   It is designed to provide continuous and comprehensive critical care for persons who are seriously injured and can benefit from treatment.  This facility provides a clean and safe place for the patients to recover after their traumatic surgery. This mobile medical unit has six (6) semi-private rooms designed specifically for the critical care of mass casualty patients.

Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile intensive Care Unit has been designed for our customers’ most seriously injured patients’. The semi-private rooms and nursing environment promote safety, comfort, and efficiency.  Each semi-private room is equipped with the technology required to properly care for these seriously injured patients. The critical equipment, that are a special part of this facility, are: 1) medical gases (including vacuum); and 2) mechanical ventilators.

Designing this small yet spacious facility, we used what we learned from our largest 53′ (16M) mobile hospital intensive care unit to include the following features: 1) Comfort; 2) Safety; 3) Accessibility; and 4) Communications.  We also include an air filtration system having: 1) a minimum of 80% filtration and 20+ air exchanges per hour; 2) medical gas stations (integrated Oxygen, Medical Air, and Vacuum); 3) Wheel chair lift; and 4) nurses call system.

 Casualty Victim After Surgery Inside Mobile Intensive Care Unit

This medical facility is highly technical; however, the operation of this mobile intensive care truck is still easy to use by the staff.  It is built on a 40′ (12M) heavy-duty truck chassis. The body and frame structure, of this intensive care truck, is all aluminum.  Therefore, it is lightweight and strong.  The intensive care unit’s body has two large expandable sides so when deployed, the interior space of this facility increases to provide almost three (3) times the interior space.

It is recommended that this facility be utilized together with other mass casualty units as part of an overall mass casualty response solution.  This facility can be used in conjunction with one or more Mobile Healthcare Facilities’ such as: Mass Casualty Incident Trailer, Mobile Triage Unit, Mobile Trauma Surgical Units, and Mobile Patient Ward Unit.

Providing YOU, the front line Nurses and Nursing staff, the perfect mobile intensive care unit to properly care for your severely injured or sick patients!

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