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Mobile Hospital Pharmacy Facility

Hospital Mobile Pharmacy Facility (40′)(12M) and (53′)(16M)

 Mobile Hospital Pharmacy With PharmacistMobile Healthcare Facilities’ Mobile Hospital Pharmacy is designed as a full service hospital pharmacy. This mobile hospital pharmacy can be attached to any brick and mortar hospital to supplement or replace the current pharmacy in the hospital. This mobile pharmacy can also be an integral part of a mobile hospital complex. It is capable of stocking a large range of medications, including specialized and investigational medications. This hospital pharmacy is primarily designed to effectively and efficiently provide medications for the hospitalized patients.

This mobile pharmacy unit is capable of providing huge quantities of medications per day. It can also be built with a clean room, capable of compounding sterile products for patients (including total parenteral nutrition, and other medications given intravenously).

This facility can be built on either a straight 40′ (12.2M) or 53′ (16M) heavy-duty semi trailer chassis. If required, due to capacity and volume throughput issues, Mobile Healthcare Facilities is able to develop a solution in a 53′ (16M) double expandable trailer. The double expandable pharmacy will almost triple the size of the mobile pharmacy. The size of the mobile pharmacy required is dependent upon the expected stocking and distribution requirements. The superstructures of these different size pharmacy units are all aluminum frame and bodies.

 Pharmacist Walking Through Mobile Hospital Pharmacy

We maximize the internal space proving our Pharmaceutical customers with effective and efficient storage, compounding, and distributing solutions. Since each hospital requirement is different, Mobile Healthcare Facilities will work directly with them to provide a customized solution.

The layout of this 40′ (12M) straight-sided pharmacy can be set up and fully operational to support the hospital within forty (40) minutes after arrival, by four (4) personnel. The primary set up time is stocking the shelves and preparing the staff for their work shifts.

Providing YOU, the Pharmacist and Pharmaceutical Technicians, the perfect mobile hospital facility to prepare medications for hospitalized patients!

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